Thakeham Village Action
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Thakeham Village Action has regettably lost its campaign to stop a large housing estate being built on the fields and hardstanding of Abingworth Nursery.

On 29 January 2014 TVA's case that the planning permission should be overturned was dismissed. The judge, the Honourable Mr Justice Lindblom, determined that Horsham DC had acted lawfully in granting permission for 146 houses in Thakeham

TVA has issued this statement to the press.

It is regrettable that Thakeham Village Action has lost its legal challenge against the decision made by Horsham District Council to grant planning permission for a large housing development in Thakeham, a location that the Council itself accepted was not appropriate for such development.
In our view, it is a great pity that the judge did not accept our arguments that the planning decision to build a large housing estate in Thakeham was flawed. The precedent this decision will set for similar developments across the UK will be revealed over time, but we expect that the assault on the UK countryside from housing developments in unsuitable locations will gather momentum because of this decision. Despite that, we will continue to work with the parish council and community to make the best of what we consider will forever change the character of the small village of Thakeham.
The development that unfolds is now in the hands of Horsham District Council and we sincerely hope that the many benefits they claim this will bring to our community are realised.